Namo Vision

Home / Namo Vision is not just limited to be a website which would educate people about Mr.Narendra Bhai Modi, but it would be a platform of interactive communication about his vision to pave and regain the Golden Era for India. He championed among the masses and has been successful in bringing unity among the diversified leadership since 2002. Being democratically Elected for 3 consecutive terms and we are sure he will continue his winning streak as the leader. When the other parties are claiming about no alternative in the nation except them.. (Congress) his fearless and exuberant leadershipis much required at the nation as well.

Persuaded by the leadership of Mr. Modi for over 15 yrs, we had a chance to visit Gujarat few times and witnessed the transformation the state had gone through. Reading thru the news and inquiring from various acquaintances we believe the development had been across all aspects but not limited to a particular society within the state. His models derived by his innovative ideas and thoughts resulted in orchestrating a complete uniformity, Integrity and Transparency.

Being a resident of other state within our India I always felt to have a leader like him to lead our state too. As a Patriot and a pragmatist I feel we lack a good leader that could lead Our Nation back into Indian golden era. So far our dreams of becoming leaders of the world were limited to reading so much in the history books, with a leader like Mr. Narendre Bhai Modi, it is imminent that shall happen.

His proven administrative abilities and monitoring developmental programs across all disciplines, until they are successfully implemented has put Gujarat on the top of list among all the 29 states in the country. While some states are still struggling to even solve their internal disputes Gujarat has been showing it unity, secularism, and emerged as model state when compared to any other with in our Nation.

Under his administration, Rural, Technology, Industrial, IT etc sectors have developed and showed exponential Growth in Gujarat. Gujarat has been the dairy capital of the world and provides more than 30% of daily dairy needs for our kids. The WHO data reveals how well the child health is organized and the current World Bank data reveals the poverty levels within Gujarat had gone down when compared to overall India.

Though some parties due to their selfish interest had falsely branded him for indecent incidents that happened in Godhra, People democratically vowed his leadership in subsequent election which proves his secular ideologies. Therefore he is for secularism and we don’t want to limit of trade down on his capabilities limited to a specific state but, proliferate across Our Nation.

I believe under His unselfish and unbiased leadership, we would address malignancies that are prevailing within in our societies such as inefficient leadership across the board, corruptive, biased and family owned administration at the central level. Our Nation is in dire need of a democratic and Fearless Leader like Mr. Modi. So, I request you to participate in a campaign to make Him the winner and take the chair to lead us into a secure future.

We through this platform would like to have testimonials of individuals from Gujarat and also other parts of the nation and as well globally in reference to their experiences and thoughts about Mr. Modi and how we all feel that He can be Undisputable leader and Lead our nation from this existing Grumpy to Golden era.